Friday, October 5, 2007

Stirring and Stirring and Stirring my brew, WHOOOoooWHOOOooo

I love Halloween, I love to dress up, hand out candy and decorate, I participate in the parade of lost souls when I can. We light lanterns and walk through the streets of the city and there are fireworks and fire dancers, street performers fun stuff for kids. I dislike people who say that Halloween is "evil" or that it is "devil's day." People who hide from Halloween for those kinds of reasons deserve to have their house egged, and their trees TP'd. I don't believe in god, nor do I believe in the devil. Don't think I am an atheist, I am not.

You know, I used to wish that I could have an answer ready for when someone asked me "What do you believe in?" I was always afraid of that question, because I could never answer it the way my family wanted me to. Now I know how to answer it, and I can with confidence tell you what I believe in. I also know that if you ask me a question that I don't know how to answer, it is OK. I will not be stupid because I don't know, it is an opportunity to learn more, widen my knowledge, and deepen my beliefs.

It makes me proud that I know where I stand, I know who I am, I know what I beleive in, and nothing anyone says can take that away from me. I have spent a lot of years learning, and I will spend many more years learning. I am proud to be married to Pat, I am proud to be Sapphire and Morrigan's mom, I am proud to be my mothers daughter, but most of all, I know who I am. I know who I am .

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Neither witty, nor wise.

I try not to focus on the negative, but some days are harder than others to find that positive that makes waking up that much more special. With my husband away for weeks on end, I do get low moments where I feel overwhelmed and miss him terribly. Today was one of my sad days., well the last 3 days in a row really. I have not wanted to get out of bed, nor have I wanted to do anything once out of bed. I did get the dishes done, and I tidied the living room. I also went to Chilliwack to get the new expansion pack for The Sims2. That is my silver lining...or rather, my distraction from myself.

Was there something new I learned today? Nothing that I can think of. I like to learn new things every day. for example, I learned yesterday that the postal system is verrrrrrry slow. for 6o dollars i expect a pack of a few DVDs can get to the Yukon in LESS the 7 days, but apparently they don't even want to try. Pat got there in less than a day. Oh well, on the bright side, next season, Pat will be far better prepared and I wont have to send him so much stuff!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Merry Meet

My husband has been away for one week today. I sure miss him!! I spend my time crocheting, knitting and playing with the kids in his absence. I look forward to his return! Very much!

Well, I am not here to complain, just ramble on about my life, such as it is. I COULD be doing housework, but here I sit, trying to wake up with a large cup of coffee. I just hope what I type makes sense.

Post number one. I wanted to think up a really clever title for my first blog post, but it looks like it just isn't gonna work out that way. Maybe I can change it later, after I am awake.

Blessed Be