Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer Fun

I have an unexpected day off so we decided to go hiking. My sister in law and niece came with us. We went to an intermediate trail called The Spirit Cave Trail. It leads to the Spirit Caves. We were looking forward to seeing the spirit caves, but since we had a 3 year old in attendance we were unable to go the distance. Part of the trail got so narrow there is no way she would have made it without falling down the mountain. Here is Raven having a rest.

Jewel is quite the hiker. She was always way ahead and more than willing to meet the challenges of a difficult trail. This trail is advertised as intermediate, but it's harder than than. Much of the trail was steep with a drop off on one side. Next time I use this trail, I will bring rope and less kids.

Two of the kids whined and complained the whole way up "I want to go home now," " lets turn back," "I don't want to hike anymore" As soon as we got back to the car, I asked "who had fun?" The one that complained the most was the first to say "ME!" Here is the view from not even half way up.

Afterwards we went to dairy queen and had some ice cream. It probably wasn't the best idea, since we probably ate as many calories as we burned, but the kids did such an awesome job on such a difficult trail that we decided they needed a treat. We were quite the sight I am sure. We walked into that dairy Queen all sweaty, smelly, covered in dust and dirt, our clothes were so dirty it was unclear what the original colour was, We sat down right next to a group of people that were dressed in their Sunday best hair perfect, dresses pressed, shoes shined. The kids were staring, I bet they were wishing they had as much fun as we did. lol If you are not dirty, you weren't having enough fun. ;-)