Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bees and Babies

Raven tried swatting at a fly that was buzzing past her face yesterday, and smacked herself in the face. Then she came running over to me saying "There's a bee in my nose!" So I looked up her nose and assured her that there was no bee in her nose, but she was not satisfied. She said "The bee is in my ear!" I couldn't respond to that very well, I was laughing too hard.
Raven LOVES to sing. One of her favorite songs to sing along with is Downtown by Petula Clark. She only knows one word of the song, which is "downtown" so she mumbles the rest, and belts out the word "downtown" at the top of her lungs. My youngest daycare kid loves the song as well, and sings it the same way as Raven. So when we are driving around on errands, I put the CD in and grin away at the chorus in the backseat.
Mister is coming home on the 26Th. For those who don't know my husband works up north all summer, and we only get to see him for one week ever 6 weeks or so. It's rough, but we tough it out. He will be home in time for both his sisters birthday, and Jewel's birthday. I am looking forward to...we'll just end that sentence right there, shall we?
Still working on the blog design. I have not figured out what I want yet, But I figure I should not let something as silly as layout keep me from posting in my blog. Some days it will be readable, and other days it wont be. yarrgh! HTML!
Happy Blogging!