Monday, July 28, 2008

It's been awhile...

What a busy month! I have not had a chance to detangle that monster of a tote full of yarn, but I did relocate it temporarily. For now it is in a clear plastic bag, I needed the tote for camping. I need more totes. First we went for a visit in the next valley for 4 days. My cousin lives there on a farm with her husband and 3 kids. We bought a new tent and set it up in her yard. We hung out, went to the beach, bbq'd all sorts of goodies. :D But most importantly, we got to spend time with family we don't get to see often.

All of us got quite tanned, and a bit burned. I really have to start wearing hats. I have burned my scalp 3 times this summer! After we came home from the valley, we got a few days rest while we waited for my sister(not Jo) and her family to come visit us. They surprised up by showing up a day early. BA(almost 4) and Raven hit it off immediately. CF(age 2) was happy playing by herself for the most part, but she joined in the fun when it suited her. BA and Raven loved to cuddle together while watching Dora, or Diego. CF just snuggled on the other end of the couch with a blanket and her thumb. hehe

We went on our very first camping trip ever, and we had tons of fun! I was so exhausted after our We went to a campground that had an outdoor swimming pool, it was 3.5 feet at it's shallowest, but we got each wee one a floaty ring and told them to kick, and they loved it! Now Raven tries to swim on her own without flaty devices! She is such a little dare devil. *grins* When Mister was her age, he swam out to a bouy and on his own, for a small child, that is quite the swim! He was trying to get to his mom who was giving his sister a ride to the bouy and back. His mom almost had a heart attack when she realized he had followed her out!

Our tenting site was one of the larger ones, which is good because we had 2 tents and a kiddie pool. The pool turned out to be a not so good idea. The kids loved it, but since they are in and out constantly, all the dirt from the forest floor made the water very murkey, and then they didn't want to playin the dirty water. In this picture from left to right, CF, BA, Raven, Jewel, and CE. The tents look so far away in this picture! It was a pretty big tenting site. And private.

Here is my camp kitchen. The sink(aka large metal bowl) also doubles and an oven. It works great for ribs! Next time I go camping, I will try baking bread with it. :D Nothing complicated, just busquits. I will let you know if they turn out! We didn't use the picnic table for eating because the table is very high compared to where the seats are, and none of the wee ones could see over the table when seated.

The only regret I have with camping is that Mister was unable to join us. HIs job keeps him away for most of the warmer months. He will be home on thursday for a visit! *does the happy dance*