Monday, November 17, 2008

The Rise of Semolina

Who here bakes bread?

Who here bakes bread WITHOUT a machine?

Who raised their hands for both questions? LOL

I don't have a bread maker, I AM the bread maker. I don't have a food mixer, I AM the food mixer, I am quite handy with the wooden spoon. (just ask the kids! lol j/k) I am trying a new recipe today. Semolina Sandwich loaf.

Sounds like a good one, it sure is a pretty yellow colour in the pictures, but will MY loaf turn out as nice? Only time will tell.

The reason I decided out of the blue to make this bread is because I actually had some semolina flour sitting in the cupboard. I was not doing anything with it, I did not know what to do with it, so I started tooling for recipes for it. I didn't find any I wanted to try, so back in the cupboard it went.

Last Thursday we ran out of bread. I had to make some for sapphire for school the next day. I started my dough for a big batch of whole wheat bread when I noticed a foul smell. After a few inquiring sniffs, I discovered that my whole wheat flour had gone stale! the whole bag smelled awful. So, in the trash the bread went. Feeling a mite discouraged, I decided to visit my favorite baking site, The Fresh Loaf.

After about 30 minutes of browsing for a nice white bread recipe and not finding one I was able to make, I found the recipe for the panini. It makes 6 paninis, and they tasted awesome. We made them into grilled cheese sandwiches...but before you wonder HOW I could ruin a great specialty bread by making it in to grilled cheese....Let me tell you what KIND of cheese we had! I have a block of sun dried tomato and herb Havarti cheese that I got for 2 dollars off at Coopers! We added a bit of deli meat to it, and had cinnamon apple slices and cheese cubes on the side. It was great! Kids will eat anything if there is a toothpick in it! But I digress...

On the same page as the panini bread was a link to this interesting yellow bread. I clicked on it thinking it would be a lemon loaf, because I love lemon loaf, but it said "Semolina Sandwich loaf" After checking out the ingredients, I realized that I HAVE them all! so I planned to make the bread. I finally got to making it today and as it cools on the cooling rack, I tell my tale, The Rise of Semolina.

Very good sliced while warm with butter and Havarti cheese. Mmmm.....more......

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Scavenger hunt!

I was tagged by my friend in her blog, and so here I am with all my picture answers. I tag....Jo! Happy hunting!

Answer the questions below, do a Google Image search with your answer, take a picture from the first page of results, and do it with minimal words of explanation.

Your age at your next birthday..did you really think I would make this easy?

Favorite place I would like to travel to

My favorite place

Favorite Food

Favorite Pet

Favorite Color Combination

Favorite Piece of Clothing

Favorite Movie

Town I live In

First Job

Dream Job

Bad Habit

Worst Fear

Something you would like to do before you die