Thursday, October 9, 2008

Four things

Four things I did today:
1. Buy new clothes for work
2. Try on all my new clothes over and over again in as many possible combinations just to see how they look.
3. I took all my old/broken electronics in to the next town where they will be recycled.
4. Played "Dora the explorer, around the world" with Raven. Mainly just the singing and clapping bits.

Four things on my to do list:
1. Organize all the closets
2. Bring the spare bed to the storage locker across town
3. Scrape and paint the bathroom ceiling
4. Wash the car mats. I spilled some coffee on one the other week, and though I cleaned up what I could, it still smells funky.

Four of my guilty pleasures:
1. Coffee, especially with the hazelnut flavoured cream, or the hazelnut icedcapp from Tim Horton's.
2. Cream cheese. I am like that angel on the Philadelphia cream cheese commercials. A sliver of bagel under a mountain of cream cheese, and I STILL wind up thinking it could have used more.
3. Reading when I should be doing other things.
4. Posting in blogs and on forums and playing stupid games on Facebook when I should be doing other things.

Four random facts about me:
1. I love vintage style clothing and jewellery. I am going to be a flapper for Halloween.
2. I love to collect rocks. Where I live you can find all sorts of semi precious gems and stones, just laying out there on the river's edge.
3. I love to cook, It's like brewing a potion that cures hunger and satisfies my family, at the same time showing how much I love them.
4. I love hats, and cool knee socks.

My sister didn't tag me, so I tagged me on her behalf. lol Love ya Jo! I don't think enough people read this blog for me to tag anyone, so If you like, consider yourself tagged if you haven't done this one already!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Garbage Guts II

When Mister was small, he would eat anything. Peanut butter mayo and m&m sandwiches, his sister's left overs, you name it, anything but fish. His sister used to always call him Garbage Guts for all the gross stuff he would eat.

They say that the apple does not fall far from the tree, and here is a little story of what happened today.

There is a new garbage guts in the family! I love pickled garlic, and when I pickle garlic I do several batches at once. This time around I was doing 4 batches. That is 6 pounds of garlic total. It is very time consuming to blanch and peel all that garlic, so I do it over a few days.

As I was sterilizing the jars in preparation I was also peeling the last few cloves. As I was going through the garlic to make sure I hadn't missed peeling one, Raven asked if she could have one. She is always asking for some of whatever I am cutting at the time, it is usually carrots, or peppers, or celery. Of course I told her she would not like it. "But I lub it!" she insisted.

So I gave her a whole garlic clove, freshly peeled, and strong. She popped it in her mouth and started chewing. Her eyes got wider and wider as she kept chewing. Too proud to admit that she might not care for eating raw garlic, she walked on her tippy toes with her arms held half way out, perhaps for balance as she concentrated on keeping a poker face.

She stayed in the living room for a bit and I called out to her "Did you eat the whole thing?"

"Yeah!" came the reply.

A moment later Raven came back into the kitchen with her head low saying in a small voice, "I don't like it." so I let her spit it into the trash.

I was laughing my butt off so I went upstairs to tell Mister what happened. When I came back downstairs she was eating some old popcorn out of the trash! Thankfully it was still in the popping bag and not actually touching other trash.

Move over Mister! There's a new Garbage Guts in town!

Introducing Princess Garbage guts!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Busy and FOrgettful

I am so forgetfull I cant spell. LOL Just a quick note to say that MIster is home for the season, and having some health issues, We are dealing with this, plus I am looking for work, and taking 2 courses by correspondance. I will be back for a REAL update soon.